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Is that really so much to ask? Some may think so, arguing that an emphasis on articulating intent in fair use determinations places an undue burden on artists. It puts those who are less “jargon” savvy at a disadvantage. In any event, artists shouldn’t have to explain themselves; they work in visual languages that are self-evident and transcendent. While such a position is seductive, it nonetheless glosses over the historical development of the artist personae. At its most severe, it conjures a cliché image of the artist as some sort of early modernist idiot savant, unable to relate to the world except through his or her (usually his) mystical aesthetic sensibility. Richard Prince enjoys performing this role, though he is of a generation in which such a posture was still tenable. However, since the heyday of postmodernism, artists have only increasingly matured in discourse-friendly contexts such as graduate art programs, residencies and other extracurricular activities. It is now completely commonplace for artists to have gone through at least two years of sustained theoretical education; indeed, it’s almost impossible to be taken seriously as as an artist today without such schooling.

The model of the artist who is answerable only to his or her creative inclinations, irrespective of intent, is one that posits the artist as a special class of producer to whom the law should not apply.

There is also a deeper, legal issue at stake. The model of the artist who is answerable only to his or her creative inclinations, irrespective of intent, is one that posits the artist as a special class of producer to whom the law should not apply. Any legal mechanism that might compromise unadulterated freedom of expression is cast as an obstacle that must be overcome. But artists, perhaps to their dismay, are not special, or at least not above the law. And free speech, as any firefighter who answers false alarms will tell you, is not entirely unregulated. Ensuring that copyright law is as tolerant of appropriation practices as possible is best achieved when artists approach their raw materials with sensitivity and clarity of purpose. It’s not too much to ask.

To that end, I uphold artistic intent as an integral component of transformative fair use. Moreover, I propose that it play an even more prominent role within copyright law itself. Just as the fair use doctrine originated in judge-made law in the nineteenth century, so too could Leval’s “transformative” model be officially incorporated into the next round of copyright legislation. The doctrine as it is currently set forth alludes to “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research,” as examples of secondary uses of copyrighted materials that could be considered fair. 15 Any change to the law would have to begin with wording that specifically addresses artistic strategies in which appropriation plays an important role. The “four factors” test could then be revised to include artistic intent, formal analysis and expert testimony as aids in assessment. Judges could balance these new factors, along with market substitution considerations, in order to reach a verdict. 16 In keeping with the current law, the new language should remain as general as possible while responding to the complexity of current copy culture. It should also retain the spirit of Leval’s original essay in its attempt at reinforcing a concept so central to the ideas of progress and the public good.

In fact, the majority of dogs bred and sold for experimentation are beagles , which are considered ideal because of their docile, human-trusting personality. In other words, the very traits that have made them such loving and loyal companions to humans are the ones that humans exploitto best manipulate them in labs.

Even when legal standards are adhered to — and they often are not — thepermitted abuse to which these dogs are subjected is horrifying. They are often purposely starved or put into a state of severe thirst to induce behavior they would otherwise not engage in. They are frequently bred deliberately to have crippling, excruciating diseases, or sometimes are brought into life just to have have their Fendi Platform Leather Ankle Boots lowest price cheap price outlet store sale online discount with credit card cheap sale 2014 new new styles online z71IsMVLO
removed and studied as puppies, and then quickly killed.

They are force-fed laundry detergents, pesticides, and industrial chemicals to the point of continuous vomiting and death. They are injected with lethal pathogens such as salmonella or rabies. They have artificial sweetener injected into their veins that causesthe dogs’ testicles to shrink before theyarekilled and exsanguinated. Holes are drilled into their skulls so that viruses can be injected into their brains. And all of that is perfectly legal.

The horrors of the dog experimentation industryare on vivid display at Ridglan Farms Inc., one of the three largestfirms in the U.S. that provides beagles to research facilities. Located in Dane County, Wisconsin — on a hill west of Madison — the corporation, according toDirect Action Everywhere, or DxE, investigators, provides dogs to research facilities that include the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, and various colleges within the University of California system.

Last spring, activists with DxE entered a door that was ajar at the Ridglan facility in order to investigate conditions inside, document what they saw, and rescue a sampling of dogs in particular distress. What they found horrified even these hardened activists, who have seen years worth of severe animal abuse.DxE activists spent a year investigating the facility and the industry its serves, and are releasing their footage and accompanying report for the first time today.

One of the DxE investigators, Wayne Hsiung, told The Intercept, “As you approach the facility, the smell is overwhelming — exactly the same smell from a dog meat slaughterhouse in China.” The first thing the investigators saw upon entering — as demonstrated by the photo at the top of this article — wasthat “the dogs are housed in huge industrial sheds with massive ventilation fans, very similar to the sheds used in factory farms.” Hsiung, a former lawyer, added in an email:

Thousands of dogs are held in cages, usually 1-2 to a cage and stacked on top of one another, that are about twice the length of the dog’s body. We found no facilities for the dogs to step outside or exercise.The dogs sit on their own feces and urine, unable to escape their own waste. Dogs are routinely so desperate to escape that they slam themselves against the cage walls, desperately stretch their paws through the bars, and sometimes chew on the cages.The screams of the dogs in the facility are so loud that we were forced to yell at one another to communicate, even when we were only a foot away from one another.

AgriLife Today

Writer: Kay Ledbetter, 806-677-5608, Contact: Andy Holloway, 806-323-9114,

CANADIAN – U.S. Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service Bill Northey will be the keynote speaker April 24 at the Hemphill County-Texas AM AgriLife Beef Cattle Conference and Ag Tour in Canadian.

U.S. Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service Bill Northey.

Northey will speak on the value of the beef industry to the U.S. and how the 2018 farm bill could affect the beef industry and agriculture in general. He also will participate in the conference to individually visit with beef cattle producers.

The cost for the two-day conference and tour, April 24-25, is $100 and a spouse ticket is $85. The main conference will be in Jones Pavilion, 1101 N. Sixth St. Tours will also take the group to the Rader Ranch and the Haley Ranch on April 25.

Go to Manolo Blahnik Printed PointedToe Pumps shop sale online supply online iQwClzJS
for advance registration and a complete schedule. Participants can also call the AgriLife Extension office in Hemphill County at 806-323-9114 or contact Christa Perry at to register or receive additional information.

Andy Holloway, TexasAM AgriLife Extension Service agriculture and natural resources agent for Hemphill County, said the attendance of Northey adds to the strength of this cattle conference, which has grown in size and emphasis.

“Producers come from across the nation to hear experts address industry hot topics at this conference, and with Mr. Northey only recently confirmed, we expect many people will be interested in what he has to say,” Holloway said.

In September 2017, Northey was nominated by President Donald Trump to become Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. His nomination was confirmed Feb. 27.

A member of the Republican Party, Northey previously served as the Secretary of Agriculture of Iowa, first elected in 2006. In that position he led the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

He has been active in agriculture groups at the county, state and national levels and co-founded Innovative Growers LLC, an organization hatched from Iowa State University’s Extension Leadership. Innovative Growers is farmer owned and managed, and designed to capitalize on demand for specialty grain production.

Other speakers and topics scheduled during the two-day cattle conference include:

– Troy Applehans, CattleFax market analyst, Denver, Colorado, “Current Beef Cattle Industry Numbers, Short and Long-Term Outlook.”

– Dr. George Perry, a South Dakota State University beef reproduction specialist, “Fetal Development in Gestating Cows and the Importance of proper pre Breeding Vaccinations and nutrition during Gestation for Beef Cows”

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