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heparin, unfractionated, IV

insulin, subcutaneous and IV

lidocaine, IV

magnesium sulfate injection

methotrexate, oral, non-oncologic use


nitroprusside sodium for injection

potassium chloride for injection concentrate

potassium phosphates injection

sodium chloride injection, hypertonic (more than 0.9% concentration)


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An office culture that fosters open, effective communication is critical to medication safety.

Share information. Practices must promote an “equal team member” concept where communication flows in all directions. This encourages all physicians and staff to be vigilant and to detect and act on potential error signals, rather than dismissing them. Physicians can model this behavior simply by asking their nurses, medical assistants and others for input and by sharing information with other team members on a regular basis.

Improve your handwriting. A 1979 study estimated that one-third of physicians' handwriting was illegible. Elie Tahari PointedToe LeatherTrimmed Ankle Boots where can you find cPbEOpfyn
Presumably little has changed over the years. To ensure that your orders and prescriptions are legible, try printing rather than using cursive, sit rather than stand when writing and work in what safety experts describe as a “sterile cockpit” (a quiet area for writing).

Avoid problematic abbreviations. The FDA and ISMP in July 2006 embarked on a joint campaign to eliminate the use of potentially confusing abbreviations, symbols and dose designations in various forms of medical communication. These abbreviations, symbols and dose designations have proven to be a barrier to effective communication and have resulted in significant harm to patients. For example, instead of writing “QD,” which is often misread as QID, it is recommended that health care professionals spell out the word “daily.” See a short list of the abbreviations to avoid .

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For a complete list developed by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, go to .

Be aware of similar drug names. Handwritten medication prescriptions can be difficult to interpret (see the Vera Wang Lavender Label Embossed Leather Sandals great deals cheap price JBlNgv
), particularly if they involve medications that have similar names such as Isordil – Plendil, Celebrex – Cerebyx, Lamictal – Lamisil, and Zyprexa – Zyrtec – Zantac. Many, if not all, of these drugs with similar names carry different indications for use; therefore, including the indication with the medication can reduce confusion. The cheap explore free shipping 100% original Valentino Patent Leather Slingback Pumps clearance with paypal vNcQY
contains check boxes for common indication categories that can help communicate the purpose of the medication being prescribed. For example, if a physician were prescribing Zyrtec, he or she would check the box next to “allergic/immunologic.”

JB: Can you tell us about a situation in which your values were in conflict?

CG: Like many people post the 2016 election, we were trying to figure out how and what we could do in response. We decided to move quickly and set up the Resist and Rebuild Fund that would seek out start-ups that were focused on organizing newly politicized people, addressing new phenomena (like the increase in hate speech online) and dealing with issues like misinformation and fake news.

Resist and Rebuild Fund
The world of funding tends to be a black box, so as much as possible we try to be transparent about our own decision-making processes and to be candid with prospective investees and grantees as well.

We received 500 applications from tech-enabled start-ups in that space. That experience forced us to confront that we all need to be funding and centering even more experimentation and earlier stage efforts.

We have a diligence process that we’re really proud of, but we recognize that when you’re moving quickly and when you’re funding nascent movements thatare not even sure whether they are organizations or not, or what kind of non-profit they are, or whether they are a for-profit, or something between, that the amount of diligence you can do is simply different than under normal circumstances.

And so the tension for us is, how much diligence is enough to satisfy us and our stakeholders? We need to be rigorous, but not so much that we’re burdening very young organizations with questions that they are not yet set up to answer because they are so busy doing the work. It’s a somewhat unprecedented moment that requires things to change almost weekly, and we are continually questioning how to resolve those tensions. As funders, it’s tricky to balance the need for appropriate diligence when new movements are spreading that need to be supported right now.

JB:What are the purpose of values at New Media Ventures? What are they doing for you?

CG: Primarily they offer a north star to help guide decision making – everything from the investment and grantmaking work that we do, but also the hiring that we do. For example, we’re hiring a new associate right now on our investments team and we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can be transparent about that process and how we can ensure that the candidates are reflective of who is out in the world. So we make sure our job descriptions don’t scream implicit bias all over the place and try to de-jargon those job descriptions, and we’ve hosted a webinar for potential candidates so that anybody who was considering applying to the position could ask any and all questions before they wrote us notes of interest.

We don’t believe in funding technology for technology’s sake or technology that serves a really limited or homogenous demographic; rather, we aim to fund technology that serves the broader population as it exists today and as it will evolve into the future.

And our values also help us guide internal team culture. For example, we try to be as candid with each other as we are with external stakeholders. We have 10-10s, which are check-ins between colleagues, every two weeks, and it’s essentially 10 minutes of feedback that goes two ways. It’s a tremendously powerful and effective mechanism for ensuring that challenges are addressed in as real-time as possible. It’s a part of the culture that our head of investments, Alexander Wang MultiStrap Leather Sandals clearance cheapest price outlet low price fee shipping cheap sale classic clearance amazon vB5r2hPq6d
, brought in from a previous job, and it has been totally transformative for our work culture. It’s expected that feedback is going both ways, not just at performance reviews, but that it is continuous. I think it helps people not do the very human thing of holding on to grudges, slights or misunderstandings.

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