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Example 13

Here is a more complex example: a TD snippet showing digest authentication on a proxy combined with bearer token authentication on an endpoint. Here the default value of in in the digest scheme is implied.

Example 14

Security definitions can be given at more than one level. In this case, definitions at the lower levels override the definitions at the higher level. In the following example, all interactions require basic authentication except for the overheating event, in which security has been overridden. Note especially the use of an empty array for the security configuration in the overheating event to indicate no authentication is required. For the status property and the toggle action, however, basic authentication is required, as defined at the top level of the Thing.

Example 15

Security definitions can also can be given for different elements at the same level. This may be required for devices that support multiple protocols, for example CoAP and HTTP, with support for different security mechanisms. It is also useful when alternative authentication mechanisms are allowed. Here is a TD snippet demonstrating three possible ways to access a resource: via HTTPS with basic authentication, via HTTPS via digest authentication, or via CoAPS with an API key. In other words, the use of multiple security configurations at the same level provides a way to combine security mechanisms an in "OR" fashion. In contrast, putting multiple security configurations in the same security field combines them in an "AND" fashion, since in that case they would all need to be satisfied.

Example 16

The JSON-based serialization of the TD is identified by the Media Type application/td+json .

Editor's note : Media Type

This media type has not registered with IANA yet.

Per default, the minimum requirement to read the content of a Thing Description instance is a (simple) JSON parser.

To validate the semantic meaning and follow references to external context vocabularies (e.g.,, JSON-LD or RDF-based tools and libraries are highly recommended that are explained in the next sub-section.

To interprete the semantic meaning with respect to RDF triples, a Thing Description instance requires a valid JSON-LD 1.1 representation based on this Thing Description specification before passing it to a JSON-LD 1.1 interpreter.

The following pre-processing steps of a Thing Description instance MUST be excecuted before starting JSON-LD 1.1 based processing:

The MyLampThing Example shows how such a pre-processing step may look like.

Example 17 : MyLampThing
Example 18 : MyLampThing with semantic annotations based on a valid JSON-LD 1.1 representation
Editor's note

Please see the WoT Security and Privacy repository for work in progress regarding threat models, assets, risks, recommended mitigations, and best practices for security and privacy for systems using the Web of Things. Once complete, security and privacy considerations relevant to Thing Descriptions will be summarized in this section.

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The creatinine urine test measures the amount of creatinine in urine. This test is done to see how well your kidneys are working.

Creatinine can also be measured by a blood test.

Alternative Names

Urine creatinine test

How the Test is Performed

After you provide a urine sample, it is tested in the lab. If needed, your doctor may ask you to collect your urine at home over 24 hours . Your health care provider will tell you how to do this. Follow instructions exactly so that the results are accurate.

How to Prepare for the Test

Your health care provider may tell you to temporarily stop taking certain medicines that may affect test results. Be sure to tell your provider about all the medicines you take. These include:

DO NOT stop taking any medicine before talking to your provider.

How the Test will Feel

The test involves only normal urination. There is no discomfort.

Why the Test is Performed

Creatinine is a chemical waste product of creatine. Creatine is a chemical the body makes to supply energy, mainly to muscles.

This test is done to see how well your kidneys work. Creatinine is removed by the body entirely by the kidneys. If kidney function is not normal, creatinine level in your urine decreases.

This test can be used for the following:

Normal Results

Urine creatinine (24-hour sample) values can range from 500 to 2000 mg/day (4420 to 17680 mmol/day). Results depend on your age and amount of lean body mass.

Another way of expressing the normal range for test results is:

Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Some labs use different measurements or test different samples. Talk to your doctor about the meaning of your specific test results.

What Abnormal Results Mean

Abnormal results of urine creatinine may be due to any of the following:


There are no risks with this test.



Chernecky CC, Berger BJ. Creatinine - urine. In: Chernecky CC, Berger BJ, eds. . 6th ed. St Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders; 2013:398.

Inker LA, Fan L, Levey AS. Assessment of renal function. In: Johnson RJ, Feehally J, Floege J, eds. . 5th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2015:chap 3.

Landry DW, Bazari H. Approach to the patient with renal disease. In: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. . 25th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2016:chap 114.

Review Date:
Reviewed By:
Laura J. Martin, MD, MPH, ABIM Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Atlanta, GA. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.

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Photo: Laura Gummerman/A Beautiful Mess

We won’t deny that making fitness part of your routine is incredibly important for health and wellness, but sometimes working out everyday just doesn’t, well, work out. The good news is there arecountlessother habits you can embrace —from how you work to what you eat—that can boost your metabolism and kickstart your weight loss 24 hours a day.

Yes, you read that right: You can boost your metabolism without exercise. Here’s how, according to experts.

The water itself jump-starts your body from sleep mode into awake mode, while the coolness of the water starts shunting water from the internal organs to the peripheral muscles. “That gets your blood pumping and flowing, which boosts your metabolism 1 to 2 percent,” says Kian Ameli , owner of the Concord, California location of Momentum Fitness .

Kian Ameli

Water is the single most important thing our bodies need to sustain good health and wellness, but so many of us walk around mildly dehydrated every day.

“Our bodies will become metabolically sluggish without getting the waterthey need,” says Deborah Orlick Levy , M.S., R.D. and Carrington Farms health and nutrition consultant. In fact, “German researchers found that drinking six cups or 48 ounces of very cold water a day requires the body to expend more calories in trying to warm the water to body temperature. This can result in an increase in resting metabolism by 50 calories a day,” Levy says.

Deborah Orlick Levy

This may not seem like much, but if you do this every day for a year, you can lose up to five pounds just by making this change alone.

You can also just put your laptop on a high table if a standing desk isn’t practical.

“The requirements of standing versus sitting are profound, because while we are sitting, we don’t have to use any muscles. Standing does not need to be done all day either—one to two-hour standing sessions can boost your metabolism,” says Ameli.

by Napier Lopez — in Microsoft

Credit: David Breyer

It’s been a whirlwind week for Microsoft’s Project Andromeda, better known as the quasi-mythical Surface Phone. Just when a report from Jimmy Choo Ponyhair Animal Print Pumps cheap sale hot sale LbgOx
indicated Andromeda was a real product nearing an announcement, another one said it was likely to be shelved.

Now fans are fighting back. A petition titled “ Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or Andromeda ” was created by Zachary Hinski on At the time of writing, the petition has amassed about 1,800 signatures. That’s not too shabby considering the petition only went up 22 hours ago, and especially when you remember this isn’t even an officially confirmed product yet.

Though the title is fairly self-explanatory, the description of the petition makes the goal clear:

All the fans of windows phone want Microsoft to release the Surface Phone aka Surface Andromeda Phone Project that has been leaking out lately with the phone screen that can turn into a tablet. I’m doing this petition to see how many people would buy this phone if Microsoft would release it. Money is power and if a lot of people want a Surface phone like the ones in the leaks then they will be forced into action as everyone knows Microsoft wouldn’t be able to give a reason on why not to do it to there investors, as its too much of a money opportunity to miss. I myself wouldn’t mind paying between $799-$999 for this phone if it happened and looked like the pictures that we have seen from those leaks.

Considering back-and-forth leaks suggest Microsoft has been rather fickle on the project, perhaps Hinski is on to something. That said, the under $1,000 price might be asking for too much, considering purchase cheap online high quality Saint Laurent Suede Fringe Boots eM4oF7TqTk
– which is also a folding phone design – is expected to sell closer to $2,000 .

Still, signers are passionate. The reasons provided for signing have ranged from Windows Phone nostalgia, to a love of the Surface Brand, to a genuine belief Andromeda could be a game-changing product.

Whether this petition will gain further traction remains to be seen. And Microsoft listening is another matter entirely.As for me, I’ve made my stance clear in another article .

Long story short: I signed.

Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or Andromeda! on

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